Alan Z spent his early years In Asia and Europe before moving to America at 6 years old. Being immersed in different cultures at a young age allowed him to make friends with people of all backgrounds, which reflects today in his diverse core audience. 

His journey as a rapper and singer began in his teens, where he would partake in rap cyphers, sing in jazz choir, and create mixtapes. When Alan moved to Atlanta to attend Emory University, he won the school's 1st rap battle tournament and built his online fandom by posting his remixes of hip-hop, R&B, and K-Pop songs on YouTube. Alan's music caught the attention of major labels and production teams like Full Force, known for their work with Rihanna, N*SYNC, and Backstreet Boys. However, it wasn't until Alan Z went independent when he began truly making a name for himself with live shows, viral skits and freestyles, and music featured on network TV. 

His top influences include Eminem, Michael Jackson, Jay Park, Tonedeff, 2Pac, Childish Gambino, The Weeknd, Jack Harlow, Big Pun, and Amine. Alan Z utilizes his platform to empower the Asian American community and represent for underdogs of all races. 

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